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Dunsden Community Orchard - Page 2

  • Success at apple day



    Our Apple Day was a great success.

    More than 65 people of all sizes enjoyed the astonishingly good weather. We made a profit of over £50 on teas and cakes and everyone enjoyed (and even dared take part) in the dancing with WAT Dance, who meet at the Dunsden Hall.

    Andrew's Aunt Sally game was great fun and the apple bobbing organised by Phillip and Anita was a huge success with the children.

    A short AGM heard a report on the success of the last year, re-elected officers and passed a snall change to our consitution. Next year we hope to repeat the success and hope you will be there if you couldn't make it this time.

  • Please support our Apple Day, Sunday October 2

    Screen shot 2011-09-22 at 18.27.05.png

    Everyone, and especially tree sponsors, is invited to this event. There will be cakes and home made preserves on sale (please bring your own to share) and tea will be served. Entry is free, although we will be inviting new members to sign up for the orchard. 'If wet in village hall'.

    WAT Dance will be performing a display of country dancing on the Village Green and will be inviting participants. Also don't miss the chance to have a go at the tradional pub game 'Aunt Sally'. Prizes will be offered for the best child apple bobber and you are invited to bring your own favourite (named) apples to display, so that we can all learn about the rich variety of traditional English apple growing.

    It should be a lot of fun.

    Please click here to download a PDF file which you can use to print off and display a copy of this poster.

  • Be part of our Apple Day on 2 October

    Would you like to help plan an apple day to be held in the orchard at lunchtime on Sunday 2 October?

    Please email d.woodward[at]reading.ac.uk for details of an informal planning meeting we are holding on Tuesday September 13. You will also be most welcome at a working party in the orchard on Sunday 18 September, from around 11am. You only need drop in for an hour if that's all you can manage. All ages welcome. Please RSVP to the same address.

    We need your ideas for the Apple Day. So far we plan to start with a picnic in the orchard perhaps with a barbeque and tea and cakes. There will be a display of country dancing and a chance to have a go at the traditional pub game, Aunt Sally as well as apple bobbing for the children.  We could also have competitions for the best apple chutney,  apple cake, etc but need to discuss these and any other ideas you have.

    We would also like to include orchard tours and apple identification. This is a joint venture between the Community Orchard and Dunsden Village Hall. The more people volunteer to be there, and to help, the more fun it will be - so please get in touch.

    David Woodward

  • Successful work party and plans for an apple day

    Blenheim Orange on GreenWe had a very successful day in the orchard last weekend. Over a dozen (including small ones) turned out, and the grass is now cut, all posts and fences properly fixed and several trees tidied and composted. There's more to do, so we hope to hold another in about three weeks. We also enjoyed a picnic.

    If you have sponsored a tree and haven't visited it lately, now is a good time. Many apples have set, altho the birds seem to have helped themselves to most of the cherries. You might like to take a fork in case any weeding around your tree needs doing!

    Also planned is an apple day in the orchard on around the 25 September. We hope to invite all tree sponsors and volunteers as well as other local people, and may include a barbeque and fête type stalls. Please 'save the date' for later news. Morris Men and other diversions have all been mentioned, so watch this space!

  • Spring progress in the orchard

    Thanks to Nick, David, Marian, Jon, Jack and Ben, Vera, Tim and Judy (and perhaps others) there was some good progress in the orchard this weekend. All the hedge whips are now in their final positions, as are some replacement trees. The site has been tidied, and there are many signs of new growth.

    We have some problems with ring-barking. It seems that in spite of the plastic guards, which are a little flimsy, squirrels or rabbits are nibbling at some trees. It may be too late to save them. We will aim to source some better guards.

    Some ambitions for the growing year ahead:

    • get the seat and bench into position and keep the grass trimmed and improving
    • hold a social/AGM (perhaps a picnic with cider and music?) so we can make approve an amended constitution
    • plant missing trees from Brogdale including Mrs Phillimore
    • develop ideas to keep a bee hive on site
    • update the labels and certificates
    • your suggestions...

    Everyone who has sponsored a tree is invited to visit their tree. Take some time to admire it, and perhaps provide it with some tlc (we will look after pruning). It should now be easy to get at individual trees by simply unwinding the twisted fence (you will need good gloves and strong fingers!)

    If you have not yet become a full member of the orchard, please consider doing so. An annual membership of under £10 paid by direct debit gives the orchard provide a reiable source of continuing income.

    All good wishes